Memberships advantages

Memberships advanteges

  • Full members will have the right to vote on any issue considered by the General Assembly of AREA.
  • Members with full rights will be represented by one person. Every representative will not represent more than one member at a time. Representative will be appointed by the member with full rights and can be changed only by him
  • Associate and student members can participate in the activities of the association but are not eligible to vote in the decision-making body of the association.
  • Any associate or student member will be represented in the association by one person Every representative will not represent more than one member at the same time.


  • Applications for membership must be submitted, in written form, to the Chairman or the Executive staff  of AREA.
  • All application forms received by the Chairman or the executive staff of AREA are submitted for approval to the Executive Board
  • The Executive Board reserves the right to refuse an application for membership without the need to justify its decision.
  • In the event that admission is refused by the Executive Board , the candidate may appeal against such decision with the General Meeting of Members who will take a final decision at its next meeting.
  • A member shall only enjoy its full membership rights if its membership fee has been paid in full.
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