About Us

Albanian Renewable Energy Association – AREA, is an association which brings together the producers of energy from renewable sources in Albania, most of them from hydro power plants (up to 15 MW) build by concession. Our members are companies which already are operating, producing energy and companies which are in the phase of investment. So far we have more than 160 MW installed capacities and more than 200 Million Euro investments (the numbers are changing because of new memberships).

The mission of AREA is to promote and develop the renewable energy sector in Albania and to unify the renewable energy producers in Albania. AREA would represent the needs of all members and would be the key defender and promoter of renewable energy in Albania. It would help to reduce the pressure of finite energy sources, provide a basis for meeting future energy demand, stabilize energy prices, and combat climate change and increase energy security.

We would work hard in order to integrate the energy sector in the regional and global market.

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